PhilLife’s Dengue Rx

Medical reimbursement plan that provides financial support in battling the dreaded Dengue disease up to P 30,000. On top of these, Dengue Rx provides up to P 10,000 in accidental death and disability benefits. Coverage of one year, with a small one-time payment, up to 2 units allowed per individual per year:

  • Adult (21-60 years old, at date of issue)
    • 1 Unit: 150 Pesos
    • 2 Units: 300 Pesos
  • Child (0- 20 years old, at date of issue)
    • 1 Unit: 600 Pesos
    • 2 Units: 1,200 Pesos

You can reimburse the actual hospitalization expense incurred due to  Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or Dengue with warning signs up to the Amount of Insurance with a waiting period of 30 days upon effective date:

  • 1 Unit = up to 30,000 Pesos Dengue Reimbursement and 10,000 Pesos Accidental Death and Disability
  • 2 Units = up to 60,000 Pesos Dengue Reimbursement and 20,000 Pesos Accidental Death and Disability

Quick Steps for Filing Claim Reimbursements

  1. The insured submits claim requirements to the nearest PhilLife branch
  2. PhilLife reviews completeness of documents and evaluates up to what extent is coverable
  3. PhilLife prepares check payment and sends directly to the Insured

Dengue Rx Claim Requirements

  • PhilLife Hospitalization Claim Form
  • Dengue Rx Confirmation of Coverage
  • Comprehensive Medical Abstract
  • Medical Certificate
  • Laboratory Results
  • Hospital’s Statement of Account
  • Diagnostic procedures performed and/or Medications purchased outside the hospital during confinement must be supported by the following
    • Original Copy of Prescriptions and/or request issued by the Attending
      Physician’s and/or Specialist/s
    • Original Official Receipts (BIR Registered)
  • Professional Fees
  • Original Official Receipts (BIR Registered) issued by the Attending Physician/s not included in the hospital bills